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Check City Review

Why is check city such a good payday loan lending company?

Well, there are several reasons, so lets take a full examination for ourselves, and see what separates this direct lender, from all of the rest!

Number one, this is a big lending institution, not some 'run of the mill operation' online that has question marks abound! When you deal with a payday direct lender such as check city, you are dealing with the bank at which you are going to draw these funds. NOT a 'middle man website' that is cloaked to seem like the real lender. These so called 'information funnels', only forward you to an unknown lending entity, where your status and application, is much more uncertain!

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Specifics on Check City

Why is this direct payday loan lender so competent? They have a lengthy track record of lending online and through their vast brick and mortar businesses offline as well! Their rates are extremely low as compared to anyone else you will encounter (Try around $15-$20 per $100 borrowed). In this industry, this is downright inexpensive, and it's coming from the best source, a direct lender (someone you can ultimately trust, rather than an unknown). Furthermore, you can more quickly customize your cash needs with them as they are the bank (you simply cannot do this with everyone else).

Check City

Their bank wiring is done via ACH which is extremely fast and safe. Turn around time is usually no more than 24 hours. They do not penalize for prepayment on the balance of the loan prior to it's due date (you would be surprised how many do).

Your application is completely free, you can also extend or renew the loan if your not ready to pay it back on the due date. They are easy to contact if you cannot pay the loan back with many options available and an in house account improvement dept. that helps you get your loan back in good standing!

They are much easier to get additional loans from as opposed to other lenders online especially when you have already worked with them. Finally, they are the most well known and reputable payday loan lending institution online, without any doubt whatsoever, and thats why they are spotlighted on this page! Apply Now For Free

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